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Core Concepts



Native Modules

Animations and Gestures

Debugging and Performance

React Native Online Assessment Test: How it is structured and how it can help you hire your best candidate

React Native is a widely-used open-source mobile application framework. Popularized by Facebook, its reputation has reached various applications in Android, iOS, Web and UWP.

The React Native online assessment test was designed by an expert contributor that has vast experience in the field. Candidates, whether new hires, experienced, or even agencies, can be assessed at a level wherein the hiring manager can discover their different skill areas surrounding React Native.

The test will help you gain insights on the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate. Our comprehensive test reports will guide you on making an informed hiring decision.

Which use cases can customers have for this test? / Who can users use the test?

  • Any company looking to build a mobile application with React Native can use this test.
  • Any hiring manager looking to assess candidates and their proficiency with React Native.

The React Native test helps evaluate if a candidate is experienced with React Native to build an iOS or Android application. Every question in this test focuses on a core concept or specific area of React Native, and pairs well with the React test to fully assess a candidate’s experience with the underlying framework (React) and the actual platform itself (React Native)

¿Qué áreas (capítulos) se cubrirán en la prueba y por qué se eligió de esa manera?

Core Concepts
All the questions within the core concepts section aim to assess a fundamental understanding of many of React Native’s core topics, components, and APIs. This includes basic knowledge of why React Native can be a suitable option when building iOS and Android applications as well as knowing how multiple built-in features provided by the platform work.

Styling is a significant piece of building any mobile application and React Native is no different. Since the platform provides the opportunity to style screens and components using a similar concept to styling web pages, it’s important to understand the nuances and differences where appropriate.

Navigation in React Native has been an ever-evolving topic since the platform launched. With multiple different approaches and many third-party libraries that can all provide a navigation architecture in your application, this section test a number of fundamental concepts that are useful to know before screen-to-screen navigation can be worked on.

Native Modules
When building an application with React Native, it may be necessary to include native functionality not provided by the framework out-of-the-box. This section provides a number of questions to assess how well a candidate understands the concept of using native modules and UI components.

Animations and Gestures
Not all mobile apps are bare-bones and simple. Some provide fluid animations on specific gestures to improve the user experience and React Native has built-in APIs to make this possible. This section covers a number of concepts related to animating user gestures in a React Native project.

Debugging and Performance
How does debugging work in React Native? How can I make sure that the frame rates for both the JavaScript and UI threads stay performant? This section assesses two important topics when it comes to developing a mobile application.

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