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Bootstrap Grid

Bootstrap Navigation

Bootstrap Components

Images and Media

JavaScript Components

Forms and Form Validation

Bootstrap Assessment Test: How it is structured and how it can help you hire your best candidate

Bootstrap is one of the many open-source CSS frameworks that are widely used by different individuals, organizations, and companies. When it comes to front-end web development, Bootstrap comes as a strong choice for many technologies. When it comes to hiring an individual or building a team of developers to build applications based on Bootstrap, this assessment test will help you assess their competencies.

Which use cases can customers have for this test? / Who can users use the test?

Web development has no boundaries. Bootstrap has several features that anyone can make use of for designing web pages. It is important that a candidate’s knowledge is assessed in the general use of a Web UI framework. By using this assessment test, you are able to screen numerous candidates and pre-select highly-competent ones that will help you with your projects that run on Bootstrap

¿Qué áreas (capítulos) se cubrirán en la prueba y por qué se eligió de esa manera?

Bootstrap Grid
The Bootstrap grid is the most important feature provided by the UI framework. It enables the page designer to layout and structure the content of the page. The ability to partition the content on a page into various blocks and the ability to compose together the overall layout of the page by placing these blocks appropriately using the row- and column-based grid layout enables the design of complex layouts. The questions test the candidate’s ability to use the container, row and column classes to flexibly layout the content.

Bootstrap Navigation
Navigation is an important component in providing a seamless user experience. Bootstrap with its various components for navigation: navbar, tabs and pills, provides a comprehensive mechanism to design a user-friendly navigation for your web page. This test examines the candidate’s understanding of the various navigation aids available in Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Components
Bootstrap provides several components that require users to apply various built-in CSS classes to various HTML tags to enhance the look of the page. This part of the test examines the candidate’s ability to leverage various CSS classes provided in Bootstrap. These components form the building blocks for your web page.

Images and Media
Images and media form a central part of any web page. The various enhancements for image layout and media handling provided by Bootstrap should be actively leveraged by a designer to enhance the web page. This part of the test is geared towards evaluating the candidate’s understanding of Bootstrap’s image and media classes.

JavaScript Components
Dynamic behavior on the web page is provided through Bootstrap components that leverage JavaScript and JQuery. This part of the test examines the candidate’s understanding of how JavaScript and JQuery code can be written to leverage the dynamic Bootstrap components

Forms and Form Validation
Forms are an integral part of any web page that provides the ability to support user interaction. Form validation, both on the client-side and the server-side is essential. This part of the test examines the candidate’s understanding of using Bootstrap’s support for styling the form elements, and also provide for delivering form validation feedback to the users.

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