Tips to Help Ace Your Pre-employment Assessment Test Online

Are you applying for a new job? Many companies need applicants to complete a hiring assessment test based on skills before hiring. Many of these assessments take place online nowadays, which presents a unique challenge. A new set of difficulties that didn't exist in the pen-and-paper era must be prepared for.

This article will run you through everything you need to know about pre-employment assessment tests.

Understanding Pre-employment Testing

Pre-employment testing is a means of gathering data about candidates that is objective and standardized.  The exams are part of the screening process and are used to confirm the information on the candidates' resumes.

Some applicants may be concerned about being assessed only based on test scores. After all, some people may prefer face-to-face interviews as they allow them to express themselves and demonstrate their talents more effectively. 

Nonetheless, one cannot deny the usefulness of online job assessment tests, and their use is projected to increase in the future.

Pre-employment exams all have one thing in common: they are a practical and dependable approach to learning more about potential workers' talents and characteristics. Depending on the test administered, they give helpful information regarding a candidate's capacity to work in the workplace.

Pre-employment evaluation examinations come in various forms, including personality tests, cognitive capacity tests, emotional intelligence tests, and professional knowledge tests.

Acing Your Pre-employment Assessment Test

Here are some tips and tricks to help you excel in your pre-employment assessment tests:

Be Aware of Your Strengths

Job examinations sometimes have a combination of simple and challenging questions, and they are often worth the same number of points. When you take practice examinations, you may distinguish which questions are the simplest and the hardest. Having the freedom to choose and answer the questions that you are most comfortable with is a game-changer.

Be Realistic

It is always preferable to answer fewer questions correctly than a more significant number of questions incorrectly. The opposite is also true: you do not have to get all of the questions right to pass the test. 

Before taking the test, take note if there is a negative score for incorrect answers. There's no harm in guessing if there's no punishment for doing so. However, you should avoid making extravagant predictions if the test has a negative marking.

Do Some Research

The formats of the questions in valuation exams are frequently reused. Preparing for various queries will give you an advantage over your competitors. You usually have a week or more to study and practice before the actual exam day when you receive the test notification.

Get to the Easiest Questions First

There is a digital timer in the corner of the screen when you take an online exam, which ticks down every second. As a result, most individuals view this technology as an adversary rather than an ally. 

However, you can still make use of your time efficiently. You may answer the easy questions quickly to free up time for the more difficult ones. Skipping the complex questions doesn't mean you've failed; instead, it means you've saved time to work on them later.


A pre-employment exam can be a vital tool for screening potential employees. When hiring, employers may use pre-employment testing to predict how candidates will fit in the company's structure and culture. With the tips and tricks we've mentioned, you will be off to a great start in your pre-employment assessment tests.

Are you looking for online job assessment tips? Kandio has several resources to help guide you through your online assessment. Check out our blogs today.

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